16/01/2017 10:54
Why do many male victims of domestic violence do not seek help?  To take part in this online survey click on this article and select the link below -
08/03/2016 20:30
Lancashire Evening Post 08-03-2016
15/09/2013 04:31
 Daily Mail 15-09-2013  Brain-damaged motorbike hero Eddie Kidd reveals abuse he suffered from his jailed wife  
31/05/2013 13:36
Daily Mail 31-05-2013  An attack on an elderly man by an elderly woman, in what appears to be an incident of domestic abuse.  The Daily Mail headline initially read 'Elderly woman throws ALL her shopping at man in hilarious street argument caught on video', but subsequently the...
04/04/2013 16:55
Fathers and Families 04-04-2013 An interesting article on research into the effect of children witnessing domestic violence.
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