07/02/2013 06:42
Family Law Week 07-02-2013 5% of men were estimated to have experienced domestic abuse in the last year, equivalent to an estimated 800,000 male victims 
04/02/2013 15:34 04-02-2013 
21/12/2012 06:35
Daily Mail 21-12-2012  The justice system rightly takes domestic violence by men very seriously but apparently not so seriously when the violence is by a woman 
24/11/2012 07:14
Daily Express 24-11-2012
07/11/2012 21:08
Daily Mail 07-11-2012 Another example of domestic violence that doesn't conform to stereotypes - and isn't reported as domestic violence 
24/10/2012 19:34
Alan of BESBWA is very pleased to announce that "we are now able to offer supported accommodation for men fleeing domestic abuse, either with their children or on their own. We can accommodate single males, or a dad and one child or a dad and three children. If you need help and your safety is at...
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