10/08/2012 18:03
Daily Mail 09-08-2012 This article illustrates how the first reaction of a woman using domestic violence can be to falsely claim that they are the one who was attacked.  Happily in this case the allegations did not hold weight. Men who experience domestic violence always need...
07/08/2012 09:30
The Independent 07-08-2012 A very well informed article. 
01/08/2012 12:58
Time 01-08-2012 Article on reseach developments into the link between childhood trauma (including witnessing domestic violence) and the chances of developing depression or addiction later in life.
23/07/2012 06:53
BBC News 23-07-2012 One third of victims of domestic violence ignored.  In this news item Keir Starmer, the Director of Public Prosections, explains that women victims of domestic violence "fear that the environment and circumstances in which she might report will not be supportive" and...
21/07/2012 00:09
The Telegraph 21-07-2012
15/07/2012 07:22
Daily Mail 15-07-2012 "both women and men will be able to ask police whether a new or existing partner with whom they have an ‘intimate’ relationship has a violent past"
02/07/2012 06:08
BBC News 02-7-2012
31/05/2012 22:13
BBC News 31-05-2011 Research by the NSPCC suggests that "the impact of family violence on children's behaviour and education is immense"
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