31/05/2012 11:11
This Is Nottingham 31-05-2012
31/03/2012 08:34
BBC News 31-03-2012 This news item quotes Jo Clarke, from refuge charity Eaves Women's Aid, as saying "The Sojourner Project pilot has been a huge success, enabling in excess of 1,000 people, 12 of them men, to escape abusive relationships and secure indefinite leave to remain in the...
26/03/2012 11:47
 The Enemy Within Report from 4Children  This report of 55 pages in length correctly identifies that about a third of domestic violence victims are men but then only manges a couple of sentences about them in the whole report.  It suggests that about 950,000 children are...
25/03/2012 10:19
The Independent 25-03-2012 Almost a million children in Britain are affected by domestic violence, either as victims or witnesses, a new study will reveal tomorrow.
12/03/2012 19:23
Children & Young People Now 12-03-2012 Lets hope that this counselling support is offered on a non-gendered basis.  Relate training has been said to approach domestic violence from the point of view that it is largely a male on female problem and there have been mixed reports about how...
10/03/2012 20:19
Daily Mail 10-03-12  Louis de Bernieres explains eloquently the bias that fathers, including those who suffer domestic violence, face in the Family Courts
07/03/2012 14:41
The British Psychological Society 07-03-2012
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